Gastro Resistant Vegetable Capsules

The best choice for the correct release of active ingredients that are sensitive to gastric acids

Smart BioCaps®?

Protecting sensitive ingredients from gastric acids is a challenge for most of the pharmaceutical and the food supplement industries. Especially for those that produce probiotics and enzymes as they run the risk of losing their effectiveness when they cross the low pH of the stomach, whilst on their way to their place of action: the intestinal tract. Our Smart BioCaps® Vegetable Capsules provide a solution that enable the survival of microorganisms as they have a unique capacity to resist pH acid and break down in a pH-neutral environment.

Smart BioCaps capsules® and their power of resistance represent an excellent choice for products based on probiotics and enzymes, allowing their survival by effectively persisting to the first portion of the digestive tract, subject to pH acid, reaching the intestinal section which is pH neutral. The adequate place of action where most of the intestinal flora is located.

Our capsules protect the product without the need to use chemicals, using instead various natural ingredients which are all `Clean Label` – free from additives, allergens, starch, gluten and GMOs. The total absence of chemicals is guaranteed.

Power of effective maximum release

Smart BioCaps® capsules act through a slow and controlled release. They prevent the breakdown of its contents in the stomach and dissolve in the intestine, thus supporting a delayed absorption in the exact place where the product is most effective.

Benefits of using Smart BioCaps®


The ingredients effectively overcome the stomach barrier where pH is acidic and are released in the intestine which has a neutral pH.


Improved stability of hygroscopic products as the moisture content of the capsule is less than 7%.


Its power of delayed absorption entirely prevents reflux and any aftertaste of the product in its passage through the stomach, thus avoiding these issues.


The capsules are odourless, tasteless and easy to swallow. They act effectively preventing any possible bad taste from their content.


The capsules are suitable for the majority of consumers
Apto para veganos
Suitable for vegans
Sin lactosa
Lactose free
Sin proteínas de la leche
No milk proteins
Sin gluten
Gluten free
Sin almidón
No starch
Sin aditivos
No additives
Sin alérgenos
Allergen free
Sin modificación genética
No genetic modification
Certificado Kosher y Halal
Certified Kosher and Halal

Frequently Asked Questions

It means that our capsules will not break down in the stomach and that they are resistant to the pH acid in gastric fluid.

The primary function of the gastro-resistant capsules protect those products or ingredients that are sensitive to stomach acids. They effectively reach their place of release in the intestine.

The gastro-resistant capsules are composed of ingredients that resist ph acid and make their way to dissolve in a ph neutral environment. For this reason, the active ingredients contained in the capsules are freed directly in the duodenum in order that they are absorbed in the intestine.

  • Slow release

Smart biocaps® capsules resistant to stomach acid are composed of ingredients that slowly actively release their content. The release is delayed until the capsule reaches the adequate environment in order for them to break down.

  • Resistant to gastric acids

The entire casing is resistent to gastric acid which aids a slow release in the intestine. 

  • Low humidity content

The low percentage of humidity that the smart biocaps® posess support stability and prolong the life of our product.

Gelatin capsules use as a raw material hydrolised animal skin and bones. Whilst the vegetable capsules are raw materials derived from plants which are suitable for people allergic to animal products or those that follow a vegeterian or vegan diet.  

The gastroresistant smart biocaps® capsules are suitable for the majority of consumers. The capsules are free from lactose, milk proteins, gulten, starch, additives, allegens or genetically modified ingredients. Also, they are suitable for vegans and are certified kosher and halal. 

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© 2020 Smart BioCaps. 

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